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EZ MOBILITY RENTALS specialize in "Aging in Place" which is defined as growing older without having to relocate from your home to a facility due to unresolved access issues in the home. Our accessibilty services in the Aberdeen, Southern Pines, Pinehurst NC area are a way to enjoy your mobility for years to come!

Buy or rent mobility and accessibilty devices such as: scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, wheelchair ramps, lift-chairs, thresholds and caregiver bathing systems for safe bath access for Barrier Free Living. From walk-in tubs to wheelchair accessible showers; from grab bars for safety to prevent falls to secure built-in shower seats; from wheelchair ramps and thresholds to caregiver bathing systems, our variety of products are safe and of the highest quality. Our customer service is focused on you as an individual and the modifications you need for continuous independent living in your home.


Facts about aging and accessibility
FACT: 70% of people 65 years of age and older will remain in their home for the rest of their lives.
FACT: The bathroom is one of the primary areas that most often force people out of their home.
FACT: With life spans reaching into the 90's the issue of Aging in Place is critical. With a few modifications such as accessible bathing, people can remain comfortable, functional and safe in their own home.
FACT: When an individual becomes too dependent on care, or is unable to maximize independence they are more likely to live a shorter, less productive life of decreased quality. This loss of freedom and mobility can cause depression and confusion - accelerating health deterioration.

FACT: There is a growing appreciation for the Aging in Place concept. Seniors do not need to relocate as their needs change. Modifying the living environment, adding supportive services and reconfiguring the residence will actually cost less financially and emotionally than moving.

FACT: Comfort and safety, not age and disability limitations should always be the focus. You don't have to be elderly or have a physical disability to have a bathing issue. Simple modifications to the home today, such as accessible, safe bathing and space for mobility can be useful for everyone today and certainly tomorrow.

We believe individuals should stay mobile as long as they can, don't you?


EZ MOBILITY RENTALS is the Authorized Dealer & Distributor in Central and Eastern NC, including Fayetteville, Pinehurst, Southern Pines, Aberdeen NC area for:
Authorized dealer for Best Bath Systems walk-in tubs and accessible showers
Authorized Stars and Stripes 4 wheel Luxury Scooters dealer
Authorized dealer for EZ Access mobility products



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EZ MOBILITY RENTALS is a Service Connected Disabled Veteran-owned business and many of our products are VA approved.



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